Feb 28, 2014

Elmwood East Historic District to be Pursued by Preservation Buffalo Niagara and Elmwood Village Association

Preservation Buffalo Niagara and the Elmwood Village Association have announced another joint effort to pursue state and national historic district designation for the future Elmwood East Historic District. The listing of Elmwood West in 2012 has resulted in significant investment by homeowners who have been lovingly restoring their properties and commercial property owners sprucing up their rentals or businesses.
A community meeting will be conducted next month to inform residents and business owners within the potential historic district boundaries of the effects and benefits of the designation. The likely boundaries of the district would include buildings on east side of Elmwood Avenue from North Street to Iroquois Drive, between Elmwood and Delaware Avenues.

Just as the designation for Elmwood West, this new historic district would enable homeowners to utilize the 20% homeowner tax credit program and commercial property owners like storefront and apartment buildings to use the 40% program for income producing properties. The additional 20% for the commercial program comes from the federal government, which is not available for the homeowner program.
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