Feb 28, 2014

Cobblestone Historic District Officially Certified

Although the Cobblestone Historic District was already established at the local level, it has been officially elevated to certified status.  As previously discussed, the local only designation enabled additional oversight to ensure unsympathetic changes were not being made to these historic buildings, but it did not enable owners to utilize the historic tax credit program for rehabilitation.
Preservation Studios completed the certification application for the owners of the Iron Works at 49 Illinois Street, Sam Savarino, Roger Trettel, Ed Plata, and Dan Mania to benefit the rehab of the vacant warehouse to a new bar/restaurant and great live music venue. The building was built for the Queen City Engineering Co. in 1902, which stayed there until 1965.
As a result, all the buildings located in the boundaries of the Cobblestone Historic District are now eligible for the historic tax credits, especially the intact 19th century complex at Illinois and South Park Avenue, often called the Blacksmith Shops.

The complex has been crumbling under the neglectful ownership of Darryl Carr who also owns and operates the Cobblestone Bar next door. Carr has been in and out of housing court and approached several times to sell the building, but has yet to budge. With any luck, the added incentive of the historic tax credits will entice Carr to sell or finally make a move with the buildings other than a slow demolition by neglect.

The Cobblestone Historic District was established in 1994 and includes a handful of buildings and the Cotter Fireboard dock (boundary map here).

For more images of the Cobblestone District, check out my Ipernity album here.


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