Mar 22, 2014

East Side Apartment House On Woodlawn and Welker Catches Fire

Although it has been covered in ugly asbestos shingle siding, you can tell this was a handsome building when it was first built. I couldn't find an exact or historic name for this apartment building at Woodlawn and Welker, but it was built between 1899 and 1916.


Last night a fire broke out of unknown origin on the second floor and quickly spread to the first floor. Thankfully no one was seriously injured, but police reported seeing tenants jumping out windows of the building to escape the blaze.


It would have been wonderful to see the siding removed to expose the original clapboard below, get the bracketed cornice touched up, and see the place thriving again since so few of these buildings are left in the neighborhood. Alas, it looks like another building with great potential is once again headed to the landfill.


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