Mar 17, 2014

Another Dollar House on the East Side Meets the Landfill

A demolition crew began preparing the homestead eligible 1552 Jefferson Avenue (google map) early last week and tore into over the weekend. Within a few hours the two-family wood frame home was reduced to a pile of building materials and a soon to be vacant lot. It has been owned by the City of Buffalo since 2009, but had a brief stint in their ownership previously from 2005 to 2007 before it was purchased and later reverted back to the City of Buffalo.

While it wasn't the most attractive home on the homestead list, it could have been handsome again with the removal of the boxed-in front porch and a better paint scheme. I didn't get a chance to check out the interior, but while it was being demolished it looked pretty solid.

Within the last few years this portion of Jefferson has been getting thinned out, which is a shame since Hamlin Park is right on the other side and the homes are pretty great. Check out this beauty that came down a few years ago that was covered by David over at fixBuffalo.

If you look closely enough you can just spot the Lyth Cottage in the background, which is a homestead success story. It''s a shame that could not be replicated again with 1552 Jefferson and now the opportunity is gone forever.

On a happier note, I'll be posting another story about an east side dollar house, this time getting a new owner and proper rehab. There may be even a few more positive homestead stories after that too, don't forget to check back.
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