Aug 19, 2014

Buffalo's Homestead Dollar House Program Gets National Attention

The dollar house program (original post here) in Buffalo is getting some national attention this week as the LA Times launched a piece over the weekend, which you can read here. Additionally, National Public Radio interviewed me this morning and you can listen to the recording by following this link.
This would have been a great save and a cheaper rehab, but the wrecking ball got to it first

This is great news all around since there are still many good rehab candidates out there in need of loving and capable new owners. Every house that’s taken off the homestead list is also taken off the demolition list and put back on the tax rolls. While bringing back neighborhoods in the city isn’t just about getting vacant properties functioning again, it’s a step in the right direction.
This beauty has been officially saved and is undergoing rehab
Stay tuned for a post later this week that outlines how the acquisition process works once you’ve decided to buy a dollar house and some helpful tips. A new Dollar House of the Day post will be forthcoming as well. Finally, don’t forget about this handy map that shows the remaining dollar homes. I’ll continue to update it as properties are sold or demolished.
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  1. quick edit: taken of the demolition list- off*

  2. About time this program gets the attention it deserves! Some relatives of mine are going all in on it since they have trade workers willing to put in some work - a scenario that's easily seeable for the majority of Buffalo's blue collar workforce. Everyone knows someone who's a carpenter or does roofing; a collective effort for everyday families could really go a long way here!