Jun 9, 2014

Views of Buffalo is Now Using Instagram and the Twitter Machine

In an effort to reach an even wider audience, Views of Buffalo is now utilizing both Instagram and Twitter. Of course the blog will still remain the primary source, be sure to us both apps for additional photos around Buffalo, updates of the dollar house, links to current posts, and teasers to new posts. To follow on Twitter click here and for Instagram click here. I can promise everyone now there will be no crappy filters applied. Enjoy.

P.S. There will be one or two CNU 22 follow up posts coming soon

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1 comment:

  1. I'm trying to find some information on a hospital that was in Buffalo which was demolished, I don't know the name of it or when it was demolished, but suspect it was within the last several years.
    I purchased a 20" across glazed terracotta roundel depicting the classic swaddled baby design by Della Robia that originates to the 1500s on a building in Italy. The design is in use as a logo by various medical related entities these days.

    The building would have dated to around 1915-1925 and could have been originally an orphanage or children's hospital, converted into a full service hospital later or a clinic.
    The roundel is blue and white and the building would have had other glazed terracotta on it of some kind ornamenting it. There may have been two or more of these roundels likely embedded into the brick wall above and flanking the main entrance.

    I have a photo of the roundel here:


    I'm interested in finding out more about the building and it's history for archival purposes for this sculpture.
    I don't think too many hospitals have been demolished in Buffalo, a list of hospital ratings shows 23 facilities, and the population of the city is a little over 259,000 so I think locating the information would not be terribly difficult, I just haven't found anything in Google searches about hospital demolitions other than one large one - Deaconess which was too new and very plain to have had ornaments like this on it (but I could be wrong)
    The other hospitals I found such as the Buffalo State would be too old/Victorian for this type of glazed ornament which I date to between 1915 and 1925, the maker- Atlantic Terracotta went out of business around 1935, and by that year these types of ornaments were no longer being installed on buildings facades.