May 5, 2014

St. Francis De Sales Church Gets Another Significant Price Cut

I’ve posted about this magnificent limestone church in Hamlin Park a few times before and now the price has come down to something more reasonable considering its needs. Originally with an asking price of $450,000 the owner is now looking for $150,000.
The price cut has already gotten some people interested in this historic church designed by George Dietel, the architect of Buffalo’s City Hall. Eligible for historic tax credits to assist with rehabilitation work the church could shine once again. Although the elements have taken their toll on the building there is still a ton of character and original details intact. The opportunities are endless from using it for retail, a massive personal residence, or of course a church once again.
Check out the Hastings+Cohn website for contact information and ask for the listing agent, Cory Haqq. For additional photos of this fabulous space check out my ipernity album here.

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