Jan 27, 2014

Diocese of Buffalo Revises St. Ann's Statement Regarding the Vatican Decree

I just received word from Kevin Keenan, the spokesman for the Diocese of Buffalo, that they have amended their previous press release regarding the Vatican’s decree for St. Ann’s Church.  


The revision states, “Demolition has never been our driving force or our goal, which is to preserve the space by development for other than religious purposes. A successful appeal of the decree would allow the diocese to pursue its priority for St. Ann: to find a suitable buyer for the church, with the goal of stabilizing the structure and ensuring that it is a community asset. The diocese remains in conversation with Preservation Buffalo Niagara regarding possible future uses for the entire St. Ann complex, which includes the church, former school and convent.”

Be sure to stay updated as current events continue to unfold about this incredible church.
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