Oct 11, 2013

Buffalo ReUse Offering Cape Cod Home for Relocation, Great Opportunity for a Vacant Lot in Buffalo

The concept of moving a home from one neighborhood to a vacant lot in another has been brought up so many times in conversations, I can’t even keep track. Usually someone has the suggestion to move or disassemble/reassemble a great home, often one of few left on an entire block, to a vacant lot in another neighborhood in Buffalo.

Front of the home. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Van Ness
Moving a house is not an easy task, but something that was not an uncommon throughout history. As recently as the 1960s there were a dozen or so homes that were relocated or moved back when the Kensington Expressway came through the east side. Buffalo is even home to one of the oldest structure moving companies in the country, International Chimney.

Side entry of the home. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Van Ness
Now here is a chance for someone to relocate a charming Cape Cod home from Getzville to another location, perhaps onto a vacant lot in Buffalo. The 1300 square foot, four bedroom home is completed with a two-car garage that is also included. Buffalo ReUse is offering the home to be moved to a location of your choosing and there are plenty of good choices in the city.

Opposite side of the home. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Van Ness
“We were contacted to demolish a home in Getzville, but unlike most demolitions, it was in great structural condition,” said Vincent Kuntz, Buffalo ReUse board president. “This home can easily be taken apart and reassembled elsewhere, taking reuse to a whole new level.” Disassembly and reassembly rather than moving the home is necessary because overhead obstructions and detours could substantially increase the cost.

Rear of the home. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Van Ness
The cost of disassembling the home to be ready for relocation is approximately $20,000 with an extra $2,500 for the garage. The home and garage can be sold or moved separately if desired. Potential buyers can also look into the cost of moving the home without taking it apart, but will likely be cost prohibitive. 

The detached two car garage. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Van Ness
Kuntz sees moving and reassembling homes as an alternative to demolition.  “There are empty lots in Buffalo and environs ripe for housing. There are concrete advantages in deconstruction-reconstruction. Moving this house will provide more man days of employment than simple demolition, it will reduce the amount of waste taken to landfill, and it will show the feasibility of saving instead of destroying usable structures. Most of all, it can provide a home to a family at an affordable cost.”

If you have an interest in the home and/or garage get in touch with Buffalo ReUse via info@buffaloreuse.org


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