Feb 5, 2013

New Tenants at Larkin Center of Commerce Leave the Suburbs in Favor of the City

The sixth floor of the Larkin Center of Commerce (701 Seneca Street) is filling up quickly with new tenants as ongoing redevelopment efforts continue. In the last year the building has welcomed three new companies that have relocated from the suburbs.

The certified public accounting firm (CPA) of Schunk, Wilson, & Company has returned to Buffalo this year after spending more than thirty years in Amherst. Originally located in the City, the firm left like many other companies for the suburbs in the 1970s. The firm was founded in 1966 and consistently ranks in the top 25 WNY CPA firms in Business First. They are settling in nicely to their new space as employees continue to make small aesthetic touches like recovering cubicle walls with new patterned fabric.
Another newer tenant of the sixth floor is the Strauss Group, which has moved from Williamsville about one year ago. The company is an executive search consultant that is, “a distinctive blend of pure entrepreneurial energy with the underpinnings of corporate structure” and “offers executive search as well as contract staffing solutions.”
Finally, Worldwide Express has been in their new space for eight months after moving in from Williamsville. The company has additional offices in Rochester, Syracuse, Tulsa and Pittsburgh to name a few. Worldwide Express has a partnership with UPS that enables them to offer light package services for domestic and international shipping. They also specialize in freight shipping and offer “domestic and international air freight services through over 30 regional, national, and global carriers.”
A common factor of these groups moving to the City of Buffalo is obviously the building, but also the emerging urban node that is the Larkin District. These three groups moving back/to Buffalo represent a growing trend to return to an urban setting. Slowly but surely, more employers are vacating large, suburban, one-story office parks in favor of spaces in emerging urban corridors. The continued renovation at 701 Seneca is another great example in Buffalo of repurposing our rich historic assets and illustrates the ongoing efforts of revitalizing the communities of our city. 

For additional photos of the progress at the Larkin Center of Commerce and the Larkin District, click here

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