Jan 9, 2013

Buffalo Photos From the 1970s and 1980s

It’s always great when old photos of Buffalo turn up, especially in large quantities. While recently going through old family albums I came across about 75 of my dad’s photographs of the City during the 1970’s and 1980s. All of them have been scanned and can be viewed here.


Finding those old photos reminded me of another cache of vintage Buffalo pictures I had yet to upload. I have organized over 300 photos of Buffalo from the same time period, which can be viewed here. They come courtesy of the City Hall archives. I’d imagine someone from the planning department was assigned to document various buildings throughout the city after and during the urban renewal era. You’ll notice there are a bunch of photos of downtown buildings long since gone and/or replaced with new structures.

1169 Lovejoy II

Many of the buildings between both albums have been saved and repurposed for a new life. Unfortunately, a lot of them have disappeared. It’s always nice to remember how far we have come in recent years and the good work of early preservationists who recognized the importance of our unique and beautiful built environment.

575 Main (Washington) II


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