Feb 18, 2012

Views of Buffalo: An Introduction

I figured the best way to start off this blog was with a brief introduction about myself and what my readers can expect. My name is Mike, I was born and raised in Buffalo and I have cared deeply about the city for as long as I can remember. I will be covering all things Buffalo as well as things I discover which relate to the city. There will be good news, but there will also unfortunately be bad news.

Buffalo is a shrinking city and while there are many positive things happening, there are still plenty of big issues, which have yet to be addressed. With foresight lacking by many people and leaders, beautiful, unique, historic buildings will be neglected and fall to the wrecking ball as so many have before. Regardless of the many losses to come, I'll do my best to have a balance of good and bad news.

Currently I write for Buffalo Rising, so you can expect a lot of crossover from my work on that site and this blog. I work professionally in historic preservation so many of the issues here will be related to preservation and architecture, but interesting bits of history and news will be scattered throughout my posts. During my ventures throughout the city I have been an avid photographer so expect some decent pictures of great places throughout the city. You can follow me on Flickr by clicking here.

Let me leave you with this, I believe in Buffalo and I truly think that I will see the beginnings of her revival in my lifetime and I hope to be a big part of it. I hope you believe too and that what I discuss here helps you revive your love of Buffalo or helps it continue to grow.

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